The Importance of Hiring an Attorney As Soon As Possible After An Automobile Accident

car-accident-2Retaining an attorney following an automobile accident is something an injured party should do as quickly as possible. An experienced attorney will move quickly to investigate the facts and circumstances of the accident. Evidence, like skid marks and debris at the scene, can quickly deteriorate, so getting to the scene to observe and take photographs quickly can be critical. There are also important issues that need to be addressed soon after an accident that can have an important impact on the case.

Massachusetts law requires a person who was operating a motor vehicle involved in an accident in which any person was injured to file an operator’s report with the Department of Motor Vehicles within five days. See G.L. c. 90 s. 26. If you have been injured in a car accident, this operator’s report becomes a critical document that can and will be used against a claimant by insurance companies and defense lawyers. It is therefore extremely important to consult with an attorney experienced in handling automobile accident cases before completing and sending in this report.

Apart from the legal and insurance issues, retaining an attorney as quickly as possible can save the stress and headaches associated with the process of filing a claim.